Organizing The Garage

Sometimes the only space to store outdoor items such as lawnmowers, rakes, and shovels is in the garage. Fitting cars, lawn equipment, and other various items into this space can create a space that is jammed with stuff. Watch the videos below for ideas on how to organize and store equipment in your garage. Garage more »


State of Local Housing

The state of the local South Bend/Mishawaka housing market has changed a lot since the Real Estate market collapsed in Late 2008. There have also been many shifts in the location and format of housing people are buying locally. Continue reading below for Demographic and buying trends both nationally and locally. National Housing Demographics Approximately more »


Cleaning Outside of House

When selling a house it is always good to have the inside of the house spotless. The same also holds true for the outside. Watch the videos below for ideas on how to effectively clean the outside of the house. Cleaning Vinyl Siding Removing Moss from a Roof Cleaning gutters with a Power Washer For more »

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