Home Inspections

I remember a story, I heard many years ago, about a first time home buyer, that after looking at the home inspection report was almost in a state of panic. The report said that the GFI’s were not grounded, and that they were worried it was going to cost thousands of dollars to fix this issue. After doing some research, … Read More

* New App * House Hunting on the Go

House hunting on the go has just gotten easier with the new Roushouse.com App available for both Android and iOS. The App Features Search for Listings throughout Indiana View Search Results in a List of Map View Find a listing you like, contact us to view the property View Latest Blog Posts View Newest listings for South Bend, Mishawaka, and … Read More

New Property Search

Searching for a new home is now easier with the new property search feature. It is also optimized to work on tablets, and mobile devices. Favorite listings can be added to a list for further review. Login with an email address, and the saved list can be viewed on any internet connected device. Searches can be done using criteria such … Read More

It’s the Little Things

There are many specific housing features that are initially desired when starting out house hunting. It isn’t long, after looking at a few houses, that certain houses show greater potential for purchase than others. After the list has been narrowed down, sometimes the desired attributes of the houses looked at, start to blend together. Below are some items to consider … Read More

Nature vs Nurture House Hunting

In the debate of nature vs nurture the question is raised, does the background environment you grew up in effect your behavior more than your genetic makeup. The current research is leaning towards both nature and nurture accounting for about fifty percent of a persons underlying behavior traits. This is far from a conclusive result, but certain factors, from the … Read More


Puddles that form around the foundation of a home or on a driveway, are indications of water drainage issues. Puddles of water near a foundation will eventually find cracks and seep into the basement or foundation of a home. The videos below provide information on what to watch for when house hunting, or possible ways to proceed to fix standing … Read More

New House Searching Feature

Finding a house can be very challenging. The technology used to find new houses should not. A new house search feature has been added to Roushouse.com to make looking for houses easy and pain free.     Type in a city, zip code, or address to start the search. The search can be limited by property type, listing price, and … Read More

House Hunting in Cold and Snow

House hunting in the Winter, in the snow and cold, can never be considered fun. Read below, there are times when house hunting in the winter can be very beneficial. Rustic Exterior by Aspen Architects & Designers Forum Phi Architecture & Interiors – Are there any drafts. Will be easy to detect insufficient insulation, or air leaks around windows or … Read More

House Hunting – Bathroom Inspection

After the Kitchen the Bathroom can be the most expensive room to redesign or repair. There are many potential areas that can be water damaged in a bathroom. Below is information on trouble spots to watch out for in bathrooms when house hunting. FHA Bathroom Inspection Proper Sink Drainage Basement Bathroom Inspection Detecting Leaks For assistance in future house hunting, … Read More