Hot Housing Trends for 2015

The National Assocation of Realtors recently did a story about housing trends for 2015. Twenty-one trends are mentioned in the article, but seven of the newest trends are highlighted below.

1. Freestanding Tubs – Not clawfoot, but deep tubs excellent for soaking. Contrast this with a survey from earlier this year that said tubs were not popular.
2. Coral Colors – Coral Reef is the 2015 color of the year.
3. Porcelain Floors – Durable flooring with many different textures including wood grains.
4. Quartz – Natural stone, and doesn’t need resealing, unlike granite.
5. Charging Station – Dedicated space to recharge all the devices.
6. Multiple Master Suites – For multiple generation households.
7. Copper – The metal of choice for 2015 for backsplash tiles or pots and pans.

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