Home Inspections

I remember a story, I heard many years ago, about a first time home buyer, that after looking at the home inspection report was almost in a state of panic. The report said that the GFI’s were not grounded, and that they were worried it was going to cost thousands of dollars to fix this issue. After doing some research, they realized, all it meant was some of power outlets were not grounded. Well under thousands of dollars to fix. Some issues on a home inspection are very minor, while others are more serious and costly to repair. Continue reading below for ways to effectively deal with an inspection report.

1. Double check that the inspector is licensed.
2. Shadow the inspector while they are doing the inspection, but not so close that it impedes.
3. After they have finished inspecting a specific area such as the furnace or roof, ask specific questions about the condition and implications of any deficiencies that are found.
4. Photograph or shoot video to document the inspection. Video or photographs can be referenced to assist with making future repairs when malfunctions occur.

Detailed Home Inspection

Home Inspection Process

Home Inspection: Things to look for

Inspecting for Moisture issues

Inspecting the Attic

Inspecting for Radon

Inspecting for Asbestos

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